Barbara  Mitchell

Professional Background: Combined, over 10 years of
Social work.

Since 1992,  president  and owner of  Donlyn Distribution
Inc, a petroleum product  distribution and transport  
Co. While living my belief that if one reaches for the sky ,
the clouds will at least break their fall, if need be.

Having experienced both flying and falling a few times, for
me, neither the fear of a flight, or the pain of the falls,  
could ever erase the sweet joys from  both preparing for the
flights, and successfully  arriving , Plus the bonus: those
lessons learned, about human nature both good and evil.
Lessons one can only fully understand by positioning
themselves in a  room that solicits both.

However, much to my surprise, once appropriately
positioned, there are almost no rooms excluded.

Family Background:(Daughter)-  
practicing Attorney, graduate of Dartmouth College and
Notre Dame Law School.

(Son)-undergraduate of Notre Dame university and some
Notre  Dame graduate classes. , nine year veteran NFL Star
One grandson.