DONLYN   DISTRIBUTION  INC.   (  A SAM'S--CCR registered business)

Donlyn Distribution  Inc.                                                       Chicago, Summit &
Joliet, IL
Energy and Transportation                                                                 
Barbara Mitchell President, CEO and Founder of Donlyn Distribution Inc., a
petroleum distribution and transportation company established in 1992.   
Donlyn  hauled 70,000,000 gallons of motor fuels,  using 2&3/4 trucks
running 24 hours per day,  6 days per week within a 12 month period. The
only reason Donlyn did not increase the 70,000,000 gallon annual amount
was because  Barbara Mitchell could not convince Amoco/BP to increase
Donlyn's daily  load allocation.

Under Barbara Mitchell’s leadership, in 1998 Donlyn transformed itself from a
tanker truck transporter of petroleum products into a distributor and
wholesaler licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana to market, buy and sell
petroleum products to retail customers. Donlyn was the only African-
American female owned and operated petroleum distribution and transport
company certified to participate on large scale federal, state and municipal
fuel contracts. Gross income from $500,000 in 1992 and peaking at
$20,800,000 in the year 2000.

Donlyn employed union drivers to distribute and transport petroleum
products, chemicals, alternative fuels and other hazardous materials in
addition to providing general truck freight transport services.  Donlyn’s
clients and commercial accounts included without limitation: Chicago Public
Schools, Amoco Oil, Chicago Transit Authority, City of Chicago, Department
of Administration for the State of Wisconsin, Mobil Oil, Bell Fuel, McDonald
Corporation, Commonwealth Edison, Michelin North America, Union Pacific
Railroad, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and Norfolk Southern

V Building & Design Inc.       Chicago, IL
Road Construction and Maintenance & Building Construction and
President, CEO and Founder of V Building & Design Inc., a road construction
and maintenance company established in 1985.  Under Barbara Mitchell’s
leadership, V Building & Design provided general contractor asphalt paving,
asphalt seal-coating, pot-hole repair, asphalt cleaning, general road &
parking lot maintenance and line striping services for both commercial and
residential accounts. V Building & Design’s commercial accounts included,
without limitation: several hundred Amoco/BP gas stations, large corporate
facilities, restaurants, churches and local businesses.  The company’s
projects expanded  to include commercial and residential building
construction and rehabilitation in 1998.  The company’s projects included
serving as general contractor for several building construction projects in
the southwest suburbs and on Chicago’s west-side.

Center for Human Development / Christian Action Ministry                    
Chicago, IL
Social Services - Manager & Supervisor of Training Programs                  
Managed various departments and development programs within this not-for-
profit community service organization. As Supervisor of Training Programs
for the organization, Barbara Mitchell, developed, implemented and
supervised job training and placement programs working in conjunction with
the City of Chicago and other public and private entities.

Federal SBA: , Woman Owned, Small Business & 8A
United States Department of Defense: Fuel General Contractor & Woman
Owned Small Business
State of Illinois: Road Construction & Fuel DBE
City of Chicago: Road Construction & Fuel DBE, MBE & WBE
Chicago Transit Authority: Road Construction & Fuel DBE
City of Chicago Public Schools: Fuel DBE
State of Wisconsin: Fuel DBE
County of Dane: Fuel DBE, MBE & WBE
City of Madison: Fuel DBE, MBE & WBE
City of Indianpolis: Fuel DBE & WBE
American Airlines: Fuel DBE                                  

Mold Investigation & Remediation= Certificate of Achievement
Asbestos Abatement  = Certificate of Achievement
Lead Paint Abatement = Certificate of Completion
40 HR Hazwoper = Certificate of participation

Donlyn Distribution Inc..
Mailing Address:
1448 E. 52nd Street,  # 406, Chicago, IL 60615


(Copies of certifications and
other information referenced
in the "History" are available
upon request to customers)