For me 2009 was a year of WOW!  So that is how the world really works!!!....    It is the year
that, not only, was my "Rose Colored Glasses" knocked off, but they are broken, never to
be replaced… It was a year of few words from me, just WOWS!!! And daily bites out of my
personal elephant….

I asked myself, how can "One" eat an elephant? The answer: one bite at a time….  The
attached “Obama Factor “was part of my 2008 journey; at that time, from where I stood, I
saw this plan, "The Obama Factor" as the elephant; it was far too big and its skin far too tuff
for any  one person, or business to, even, attempt to take a bite from. I thought that it
would take a Government. Based upon that fear I sent the plan to President Obama, as part
of his campaign strategy request. Which, I doubt anyone read. Yet, the work was not a
waste of time for me. It inspired me to ask myself what I would do to improve the American
economy? It inspired me, in my rambling manner, from a middle class common sense, and
years of entrepreneur challenging work experience point of view to write my thought ….

Now Using the “Obama Factor” as the floor plan, and other ideas developed as a result of
the progress that was made, I am  excited to see what bites, and how many additional bites
I can take in 2010.

Manufacturing and Exports are currently on the rise, which is helping the country
economically; reading those reports gave me, even more confident that my 2008 rambling
to President Obama’s staff had been accurate. The US economy will never “concretely” rise
until we regain our footage in Exporting, and manufacturing of the majority of goods used
by Americans in America……That is how the old America was built….

Upon the  removal of my "Rose Colored Glasses", for the first time I see the world and
many people as they are, not how I had believed them to be, or how I want them to be, but
using the evidence of their action as proof of who they are. That was a painful awakening!

In all honesty... Oh!  How I miss my world of make-believe. It gave me so much comfort over
the years. I guess one might say it was the adult virgin of Santa Clause; I was so much
happier there.......

However using what I have learned, I made the first steps toward what seem like millions of
miles; now I see enough progress to say that my over all circumstances are much better
than they were December 2008.

Each morning as I start my day, I remind myself the only way to eat an elephant is: one bite
at a time, and when one can not  find a door one must create one. Additionally more
importantly, “Faith is the substances of things hoped for, the evident of things not seen”;
which is the base of how America became America, as well as how I achieved what I

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2009, The year My "Rose Colored Glasses"
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December 14, 2009